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What is the 75 Easy Video Challenge?

The 75 Easy Video Challenge was started by Ginger Bell, CEO and Founder of Edumarketing.  She started the challenge to help people develop the habit of doing more videos for their business.  

Ginger saw many people doing the 75 Hard workout challenge.  She thought, by using the same discipline of doing something every day for 75 days, people could become more comfortable doing video.

It's simple. 

Record and post one video for 75 days, over a period of 90 days.

You don't have to do it everyday, but you do need to record and post 75 videos.

Have a bad hair day, ok, skip a day!  Too busy one day, ok, skip a day, but stay on track!

What do you say?  You in?

Have you been thinking you need to do more video?  Usually it is just you, keeping you, from doing more video.

Click on the button below and get your downloadable checklists.

Then, join us in the challenge!

(P.S. Your privacy is important.  We never share your information with anyone.)


Want to track your progress? 

We've created some great tracking forms you can download.  Simply click on the button below and we will send you the checklists below.  No charge! 

Send me the checklists!

Countdown Tracker

Easily keep count of your days with our countdown tracker.  Just cross off each day you've completed as you complete it. 

Daily Topic

Jot down a quick topic for your video each day.  It could be about your product, service, a customer you helped.  It could be a question for your followers asking them what kind of ice cream they like.  You could share mom advice, gardening advice.  Just be sure to get into the habit of recording videos.  Plan it.  Make time for it and you will get it done!

Book Recommendations

 Just in case you are looking for some inspiration on books to read, I've created a short list.  Why not read a book about marketing and creating stories with video.  

If you want ideas for mortgage related topics, be sure to get my Mortgage Video Planner on Amazon!  Click on the link below to get yours today!