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Content Revolution!

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We want to get consumers out of call centers and into the hands of trusted, experienced mortgage professionals, like YOU! 

 One of the best ways to do that is by creating content that educates and informs.  That's why we are holding the First Ever Live Workshop to help LO's create more  content and be a mortgage influencer! 

This is not a fluff workshop!  This is two days of learning from the best in the mortgage industry from creating highly engaging, educational content that makes you the mayor of your own town at the first ever Mortgage Influencer Bootcamp! 

Date to be announced! 



What is Mortgage Influencers Bootcamp?

We’ve all been to events over the past years and listened to speakers tell you why you need to be doing video, sharing how they are doing video and some even give you helpful technology to use to create videos, but no one is REALLY helping you create content for your videos…until NOW!

Mortgage Influencers Bootcamp is a private workshop and mastermind where we have speakers come in who will challenge you to create not just more content, but better content.  We will show you how to create content around the tools you use.

We want to change your perspective, and help you create new ideas. This two day workshop is interactive, fun and impacts your life.

We bring people in that actually help you. We bring people in that can answer your questions, solve your problems, help you create more dynamic content!

This is for a limited number of mortgage influencers who are committed to helping educate consumers and real estate professionals. And we are wondering if you are going to be one of the influencers who start REALLY creating content that educates and informs?

We look forward to seeing you at the Mortgage Influencers Bootcamp

Now is the time to start creating videos!  In this two day workshop you will learn:

  • How to overcome the fear of doing video.
  • How to block out time for shooting video you can post weekly! 
  • Video content planning sheets to easily script out your videos.
  • How to use technology to make video recording easy.
  • Video strategies to soar past your competition and look good doing it.
  • Advanced strategies to achieve content development, FAST.
  • How to handle it when things start going really, really, unbelievably well. 
  • So much more!

Event Schedule

In this two day Mortgage Influencers Bootcamp we will teach you a process that involves a lot of topics that will intertwine with each other.  Learn how to leverage your existing technology, create process videos, educational content and leverage your expertise.  By the end of the weekend, you will walk away with a workbook of content ideas, scripts and confidence to go out and create video content each and every week! 

  • Types of Videos  -  What are the various types of videos you can create content around.
  • Delivery Channels - What delivery channels should you be using and when.
  • Content Development - How to create your own video content.  How to discover topics, write headlines, create engaging call to actions and more.
  • Video Development - Getting uncomfortably comfortable.  We will get you in front of the camera, recording your own content.  Raw, unedited and genuine.

The Mortgage Influencers Bootcamp is an interactive workshop.  You will be working with your own mobile device to record videos.  You will walk away with content ideas, creative energy and the ability to go out and create your own video content with ease!

Our Partners

Thank you to all of our partners who have made this event possible!