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Mortgage Marketing: THRIVE EDITION 2023!

If you’ve never had a marketing plan, have recently become your marketing department, or want to leverage your Virtual Assistant, our upcoming Mortgage Marketing: Thrive Edition 2023 is for you!

Eight-week class covers planning, social media platforms, video marketing, how to create social posts and thumbnails, leveraging and implementing your marketing plan.  

Enrollment includes both one VA and their loan officer. All recordings, planning workbooks, guides, templates and power points will be includes as well, plus you’ll receive one year access to the recordings and content.  We will also hold a monthly group planning call throughout 2023 to keep you on track.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this eight-week live coaching program:

Week One:  Setting the Framework for Your THRIVE Marketing Plan.

The first week we will dive into all the pieces you need to develop in your marketing plan.  We will give you the framework to put your plan in motion.  We will cover social media marketing, video marketing, lunch and learns, blog articles and more.  Everything you need to stay in front of consumers and realtors.  Once you’ve outlined your marketing plan, we will start unpacking each segment in the coming weeks.  Come ready to put an action plan into place.  We won’t just be telling you what you NEED to do, we will be showing you how to do it! 

Week Two: Social Media Marketing

In the second week of your THRIVE program, we will discuss the options you have available with social media.  We will talk about each social media platform including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  We will break down the different types of posts to make, how often and how to post.  We will share examples and give you a framework to put an action plan into place to have a Social Media Strategy that includes graphics and videos. 

Week Three: Video Marketing

At the core of every marketing plan is video.  It is one of the most powerful tools you can use in your marketing.  We will give you the framework to create a video content plan that will show you how to create both long and short form content.  We will talk about what types of videos you should be creating and help you identify some niche marketing to help you stand out.  Even if you’ve never done video, we will get you ready with a great video marketing plan that you can use in all areas of your business including social media, email and follow up campaigns to your real estate partners.

Week Four: Technology Tools

This week we will show you how to use effective and easy technology tools like Canva, video editing apps and more. 

We will dive into Canva and share how to make social posts and thumbnails.  We will cover design, headlines, sizes and more. 

We will then show you how to use your designs on social media.

We will share how to set up calendly and linktree to streamline your connections on social media.

We will cover the best video editing tools to use that make it easy for you to edit and produce your own videos and how to embed videos into email marketing and texting.

Week Five: Lunch and Learns

A complete marketing plan includes educational events and this week we will show you how to set up the following lunch and learns for both consumers and real estate agents.  We will cover:

  1. What types of lunch and learns you should be holding right now.
  2. How to set up a virtual lunch and learn on Zoom.
  3. How to set up a live event on EventBrite.
  4. How to promote your events

And as a bonus we will show you how to set up an automated webinar in WebinarJam so you can hold a webinar one time and set it up so you can promote doing a webinar, even if you are not doing a webinar. 

Week Six: Email/e-Books, Articles and Blogs

No marketing plan would be complete without talking about old school marketing like email, mailers, e-books and more.  This week we will dive into how to write an effective email marketing campaign, how to post blog articles, how to write for local sites and talk about other cost-effective marketing to include in your plans like mailers, e-books and cards.  This is about creating an entire marketing strategy for 2023! 

Week Seven Scheduling and Leveraging

The only way for your marketing plan to be effective is to have a schedule in place to create your content and implement your plan.  We will be spending this week creating your schedule.  We will show what to do when.  We will share how to batch and leverage your content and use it along with strategies you are already using, like your Daily Success Plan.  You’ll leave this week with a solid foundation of what you need to do when so you can make it a part of your weekly plan and you get it done!  You will also have homework to create your first week’s content which we will use the following week to launch your marketing plan.

We will also share when, where and how to place social media ad campaigns that can build engagement.

Week Eight: Implementation

Your final week we will work on implementation strategy.  We will take what you have created and walk you through the steps to put your plan into place. This means we will be setting up your events, posting your social media and videos.  Come ready to work because we are going to take everything you’ve learned and put it into action!

Who’s Your Lead Instructor?

Ginger Bell is an Emmy and Telly Award winning producer, an eight time best selling author and a education and marketing consultant to some of the largest organizations in the mortgage industry.

For the past twenty years, Ginger has used an educational marketing approach to help her clients create marketing that stands out and provides results.

Ginger has worked with some of the largest companies in the mortgage industry create to help them create marketing strategies, recruiting plans, training programs, webinars, videos and educational programs and now she is sharing her secrets with YOU!

If you want to have a 2023 that leverages your expertise, you need to attend this coaching program.

Ginger will have other industry experts joining her throughout this class.

This eight-week coaching program will give you what you need to create a marketing plan to help you THRIVE in 2023! 

Get started today!  Ginger will have you implementing a marketing plan that keeps you top of mind!

This is a virtual coaching program.

All coaching classes will be held live via a weekly zoom meeting.  Each week will have action items, handouts and homework.