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LO Podcast System

The LO Podcast System includes a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to starting, hosting and recording a podcast as a loan originator.  This system is not just one book, but four guides that are specifically written for LO's who want to host a podcast to invite your referral partners onto.  It tells you how to invite, what technology to use to record, host and promote your podcasts.  Podcasting is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.  Don't let NOT knowing what to do stop you.  We've made it easier for you to know the steps. 

LO Podcast Guide

The LO Podcast Guide provides helpful tips and advice on how to set up your podcast from start to finish. It covers topics such as choosing the right microphone and audio recorder, setting up your website or RSS feed, editing your audio files, distributing your show on aggregator sites such as iTunes and Spotify. 

LO Podcast Planner

The LO Podcast Planner is designed to help you plan for success with sheets for branding, marketing strategies and content production. This planner also helps ensure that all aspects of podcast production are properly scheduled from researching topics through interviewing guests, and ensuring episodes stay on track with deadlines.

LO Podcast Question Guide

 The LO Podcast Question Guide includes a comprehensive question guide with over 100 questions to ask your guests. This guide is designed to help you craft engaging conversations while allowing you to provide valuable information to your listeners. The questions are grouped into categories such as background, life experiences and opinions to help make interviews more efficient and organized.

LO Podcast Technology Guide

The LO Podcast Technology Guide includes a comprehensive list of what technology you should use when producing a podcast including, calendar scheduling, podcast hosting, directories, cameras, lighting microphones,  and other tools needed for successful shows.