Want us to produce your videos for you every week?  We can! 

You should add our virtual video producer package to your order! 

We give you the content, help you record your videos, edit and produce them and post them onto your YouTube and social media channels.  

It's only an extra $795 per month and it takes the pressure off of you for branding your videos.

We will help you to make your videos perfect!

Just do it!  You'll be happy that you can finally market with video!

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About Us Video Production Package

Our "About Us" Video Production Package is just what you need to create the perfect video to place on your website, social media and marketing that tells consumers and partners about you.  We really mean about you.  

Our award winning video production team are story tellers and will help you craft the perfect story that will allow you to immediately create a connection with consumers.

We have a process that will help you to create the perfect message and we are with you every step of the way.

You know you've been wanting and needing to get an "About Us" video done, now we make it easy!

How does it work?

Step One: Planning Meeting

We set up a virtual meeting to talk about you, your company, brand and how you stand out.  We help you write the script that we will use in your video.

Step Two: Recording

After we've helped you write out your script, we set up a time for a virtual recording.  We help make sure you have the right equipment and then we set up a time to record your video virtually. We will be with you to help coach you through the process.

Step Three: Production

Once we've recorded your video, we then edit and produce your video.  We include your logos, NMLS and licensing information, website, colors, etc.  Everything you need to brand your video.  Then we send it to you for review.  Once you are happy, we help you post it on your website, YouTube channel and social media.

It's that simple. What are you waiting for?