Our Social Influencer Plan takes the workload of editing and producing short videos for your social media.  

What You Do:  Record three videos per week.  Record them on your phone or whatever equipment you prefer.  You upload them through our secure file upload and then approve the content once it's completed.  Then do it again the following week. You can even batch your videos and record all of them ahead of time. We will produce them for you each week.

What We Do:  We begin with an onboarding call to get your branding, colors, information and overall plan for your videos.  We  show you how to record your videos, how to upload them and how we will deliver your content to you.   Then you get to work and record your videos (and yes, we will coach you through how to make your videos better).  When we receive your videos we fully edit them with captions, music, and trending sounds.  When the videos are complete we put it into a shared folder for you to use on your social media. 


Social Influencer

$395 month

Top features

  • 3 videos per week (unused credits do not carry over)
  • Three short form videos (1 minute or less)
  • Single camera
  • Max 1080p quality
  • Your branding
  • Calls and/or captions added
  • Music
  • Free revisions
  • 48-hour turnarounds
  • Noise reduction
  • Access to short video content scripts and ideas

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We can help you with your YouTube channel or help you launch that Podcast you've been thinking about! 


What Makes Edumarketing Effective?

We developed a process to identify what your customers want to know about you, your products, services and what’s important to them.  From there, we came up with a system to create a long-term plan that allows you to develop topics, headlines and content that educate rather than market.

That's why we call it EDUMARKETING.