Video Planner BONUSES!

Our goal in creating the Mortgage Video Planner was to help loan originators create weekly videos to share their expertise.  That's why, to ensure your success, we're giving you Video Planner Bonuses!

We're including the following online courses just for you:

1. How to Use the Video Planner

2. Jumpstart to Video

3. Video Equipment Guide

You'll have immediate access to everything, plus a downloadable guide on what video recording equipment to get.

It's all our gift to you to help you start using the Mortgage Video Planner!

Just complete the form and we will send you the details.

Super simple!  

Video Planner Bonuses

"You won't want to miss out on this exclusive offer!" 

Haven't Gotten Your Mortgage Video Planner Yet?

The Edumarketing Mortgage Video Planner is available on Amazon.

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The Edumarketing Mortgage Video Planner gives loan originators 52 weeks of prompts to help you create videos to post on YouTube, send to your realtors and start sharing your expertise.

Consumers are looking for information and video is one of the most effective ways to share about loan programs, process and steps.

Start creating videos with the Video Planner!

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