Edumarketer Tip #142: Top Ten Video Recording Tips for 2022

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

It’s that time of the year for tips for 2022!  I hope that you make this the year you finally start recording videos!  To  help you record more videos, we’ve made a top ten tip list to recording video.


Here they are:

Number Ten: Know your message.

Number Nine: Know  your audience.

Number Eight: Know your call to action.

Number Seven: Know your channel.

Number Six: Think in points.

Number Five: Record on your phone.

Number Four: Record where you are.

Number Three: S.O.S. – Smile,  Open, Smile.

Number Two: Shoot and send.

Number One: Just do it!


If you need help crafting your message, check out our Edumarketing Toolbox.  We give you monthly scripts and videos that will help you record videos like a pro!


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