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Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

Share the opportunity of using your tax return as a down payment with your prospects! Our scripts can help you easily put ideas like this and more into words.

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Do you want to record videos but don’t know what to say? You are not alone! Even though you have years of experience in the mortgage industry you may be wondering what to say when you record a video. That’s why we created our Edumarketing Toolbox. It’s filled with hundreds of scripts that you can easily upload to your phone and record a video literally with your phone.

It’s how we’ve helped hundreds of mortgage professionals break into using video in their business.

We offer our Edumarketing Toolbox for $99 per month. Each month we give you new video scripts to use for your videos. You can check out a sample of our Edumarketing Toolbox HERE.

Because it’s Tax Time, we are giving you a great script that talks about saving your tax return money for a down payment for a house. Great idea indeed! We have a video below that walks you through how to use the script on your phone with a teleprompter app. It really is simple to record videos using scripts and your phone.

If you’d like help editing and producing your videos, we have services that can help you with that as well. Now is the perfect time to be creating videos to engage with consumers and real estate agents. Don’t let not knowing what to say stop you. We help you make it easy!

Connect with us if you’d like us to help you!

Always pass on what you have learned! Ginger

Book a quick marketing strategy call with our team and we will help you discover the best use of video for growth in your business. We’ll then help you map out a plan to go get it!

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