Edumarketer Tip #111: It’s Not About Perfection

Uncategorized May 12, 2021

Most people today aim to complete a project flawlessly, ultimately leading them to spend way too much time perfecting one thing. These types of people are called perfectionists. Perfectionists are those who refuse to accept any standard below perfection.

Well we have news for you. Perfection doesn’t even exist!

Nothing is truly ever about perfection. In fact, it’s best not to aim for perfection when you are completing any sort of task. Nothing in reality is perfect, so why put the unnecessary pressure on yourself to create perfect content?

Here are some tips for breaking those perfectionist standards:

Let Go of Your Final Vision

Let go of the expectations of what you want the final result of your project to look like. Having an overall end goal is needed so you know what to aim for during your creative process, but don’t get fixated on that goal. Yes we want to make work that reflects our final vision, but in the end, your work is never truly going to be perfect enough for your standards. That’s why it’s a goal, it’s something for you to aim for, but not create exactly how you imagined.


The more you practice something the better you get. At first you may not be as good as you thought, but don’t let that get the better of you. Remind yourself that practicing even for a half an hour a day will improve your skills.

At the end of the day, you have everything you need to create the content you want. If you keep waiting around until you have everything to make that “perfect” project, you’ll never get started!


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