Edumarketer Tip #113: Lighting

Uncategorized May 12, 2021

Lights! Camera! Action! This week’s topic is all about lighting. Like audio, lighting is a critical part of creating great videos. It can make or break your video.

Finding the best lighting for your videos can be tricky. Most of the time people struggle with their shot being too bright or too dark. There’s an easy fix for that! With the help of a couple additional lights, you can greatly improve the look of your shot.

No matter if you are shooting outside or inside, having a lighting set up as part of your recording equipment is one of the biggest components of making great videos. You don’t need the most elite lights out there. You can start out with the basics then move up once you get comfortable enough with using them, but you will eventually want to invest in some good quality ones.

After doing video for so many years, I’ve tested quite a few different types of lighting equipment. Here are some of my lighting kit recommendations:

LumeCube Lume Light Broadcast Lighting Kit

This lighting kit is great if you are recording videos on your laptop or computer. IT comes with a lighting panel and a stand. I use this product when I am recording short videos on my computer and zoom calls. It works great. I’d recommend getting two, one for each side, so that you can fill in any hard shadows.

LumeCube Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit

This is the perfect kit for recording videos on your phone or when you’re on the go! It comes with a stand, phone mount, light and microphone! Everything you need to record great quality videos in one package. We haven’t actually tried this specific kit, but we do use the light panel and microphone that it comes with, all which are fantastic for getting started with video.

Emart Photography LED Continuous Portable Camera Photo Lighting

These lights are great for adding in some fill light to your shot. I use one of these and point it up towards the ceiling to brighten the shot.

If you’re serious about doing video, investing in good quality lighting is the best option. Not only will your videos turn out great, but you will also save money in the long run if you invest in the right equipment upfront!


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