Edumarketer Tip #114: Cameras

Uncategorized May 19, 2021

You always hear people say the reason they haven’t started shooting video is because they don't have the money to spend on fancy equipment. While having the top of the line gear does produce great quality videos, it isn’t necessary for you to go out and drop a load of cash on the top tier equipment.

Using your smartphone is a great way to produce videos, especially if you’re starting out and are still getting the hang of things. However, it isn’t always the best option and finding the right camera for streaming or recording videos can be tough. There are so many options to choose from that it can be hard to actually make a choice!   We’ve are constantly looking at and testing new cameras and equipment and there really is no right or wrong camera.  There are cameras that are best suited for your needs or how you are going to be using them.  We are going to be doing a full month on just cameras in the coming months so stay tuned for that, for now here are some of our recommendations. 

Video Conferencing Cameras

Many of us today are using Zoom daily, so having a good camera is essential.  I always recommend using an external camera for your video calls.  Here are som affordable and good options. 

Logitech C922 Pro

This is the best camera for streaming. Whether you’re starting out or needing an upgrade to a better webcam, this is a great choice. It clips to your computer, or mounted on a tripod. It has a built-in microphone, but the downside of that is you can’t use it with an external mic. So if you are shooting a video and there is a lot of background noise, it would be best for you to record using a different camera.

Razer Kiyo

Lighting is an essential part of filming! This camera comes with its own integrated light ring, making it a pretty good bang for your buck because you don't have to invest in an outside lighting source. I use this when I travel. It’s perfect for me when I travel, because I don't have to carry both a camera and lighting source with me.

DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

If you want to move up from your phone for filming you will want to get a DCLR or Mirrorless camera.  Specs to pay attention to when shopping for a camera:

  • Interchangeable lens - giving you a wider choice of capture capabilities
  • External microphone compatibility - better audio quality makes for better videos
  • A flip screen - so you can see what you’re recording, especially when recording yourself

Here is a list of good quality cameras under $800 that have all these features:

Canon M200

A mirrorless camera designed specifically for filming videos and vlogging. It can shoot up to 4k which is the optimal output for videos.

Panasonic Lumix G7

A mirrorless camera that comes with a place to mount an external microphone making it an overall great option for using an external audio input. This camera can also shoot up to 4k.

As I shared earlier there are a TON of options when it comes to cameras.  Pay attention to the important details like external microphone and flip screen. These are the MOST important for shooting your own video.  Stay tuned for more information and if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.  You can reach us at [email protected].

Next week, I’ll talk about teleprompters. 


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