Edumarketer Tip #117: Tips for Recording BombBomb Videos

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

There are so many ways to use BombBomb!  You can send out a series of videos to your borrowers that explains the steps of applying for a mortgage.  You can send a personalized thank you video to a borrower and real estate agent after the loan closes.  Whatever you are using BombBomb for, follow these simple steps to get more out of your BombBomb videos:

  1. Don’t Shoot Vertically – We live in a widescreen world — from laptops to social media sites — so turn your smartphone on its side and start filming.
  2. Leverage Good Lighting — The wrong light can cast shadows on your face. If the lighting in your office isn’t great, try facing a window and use the sun to gather some natural light.
  3. Speak with Energy — People naturally respond more when the person talking is enthusiastic. The emotion is contagious, in a sense.
  4. Minimize the “Ums” — Whenever we pause and think about something we say, “Um….” or “Uh…” or even “You know…” Eliminating this filler text as much as possible will make your video go smoother (and not cause disruption in the viewer’s mind).
  5. Film for a Headshot — Viewers don’t need to see all of you. But you also shouldn’t get too close to the camera. Angle the shot to show a little bit of your upper torso and your face.

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