Edumarketer Tip #122: Mobile Video Recording Apps and Attachments for Eazy, Breezy Production!

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2021

Have you ever tried to record a video on your phone only to find the angles awkward or that it's just not high quality enough for what you need? Well worry no more! We have compiled a list of great apps and attachments that we use for a smooth recording process so that filming will be as easy as possible. 

We’ll begin with phone attachments.  

Phone Attachments

Third party companies are making attachments for phones that enable you to add a variety of lenses, microphones, stabilizers and more. These attachments will bump your production value up to near-pro level! Here are some of our recommendations:

Rode Microphones - these are great for recording clearer audio to ensure that the background noise isn’t overpowering your voice and the important information you are sharing.

Stabilizers - If you are going to be out and about while shooting, getting a stabilizer is great for reducing hand held shake. Shakey videos are distractions from the content you are sharing!

Lenses - Unless you have the new iPhone 12, smartphone cameras can only capture so much in the frame to a certain quality. Say you’re recording an open house, you need to be able to film the entirety of the rooms so people have a general idea of how big they are. Or say you need to zoom in on something without having the quality compromised. You can achieve this with a moment lens attachment for your smartphone.

Next, let’s look at mobile video applications. 

Mobile Video Applications

There are so many apps available that can elevate the recording capabilities of your phone. In our experience, we use Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s free, simple to use and available for both iOS and Android.

Finally, one of our absolute favorite apps are teleprompter apps. These apps allow you to turn your phone into a teleprompter so you can upload a video script and simply read the script and record your video.  It’s just like the newscasters use to read the news to you.  We love them because they allow our clients to download the scripts we give in our Edumarketing Toolbox each month and upload into the teleprompter app.  So cool.  Here’s our favorite ones for both Android and iPhone.  


Teleprompter Apps

Joe Allen Pro - For $16 you can download the Joe Allen Pro teleprompter app on your iPhone. It allows you to upload a script into the teleprompter, then you use your phone to read off the script. It’s a great app that we use and recommend to those who want to try a teleprompter out without actually purchasing one.


Nano Teleprompter - If you’re an Android user, you can download the Nano Teleprompter on your device for $3.99 and use that as a teleprompter. It works pretty much the same as the Joe Allen Pro application.


With this list of phone attachments and applications, you can take your mobile recording from good to GREAT! Let us know how it goes and if you have any questions regarding equipment or anything video related, you can contact us at [email protected]


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