Edumarketer Tip #124: Topics, Ideas, and Formatting for Mobile Recording

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2021

If you want to create an engaging video, there are many parts at play! You need to come up with a topic, check the video quality, lighting, composition, position, etc. Don’t worry we have some tips that we’re sharing with you to help you get on your way to creating amazing videos!

The first thing is coming up with a topic. Don’t let the idea of brainstorming topics scare you -- It’s not as hard as it seems! Here are a few tips for creating video topics.

Tips for Choosing a Topic/Idea

Start with your Customers

Have you been asked the same question multiple times by different clients? Start there. Go back and think about what your customers and prospects ask most often or which questions they have unanswered that could be the basis for a useful tutorial.

Think about Your Partners

Is there a new process for something in your company? Create a video walking them through the new and/or updated process! Most people are visual learners and learning the new process through a video will help them retain the information better than they would if it were in text.

Look at Your Products

Here are some ideas of topics to start brainstorming:

● How can I use this product?

● Which one should I buy?

Think about what common customer inquiries have been too difficult for them in person so far, then film yourself answering those queries before filming any actual content on how the products work.

We’ve talked about some of these tips before, but they are well worth repeating!

Tips for Formatting:

Shoot horizontally

Computers are formatted to view videos horizontally. So if you’re shooting on your phone make sure to shoot horizontally. This produces an overall better quality video and also allows for more of the scene to be in the frame.

Shoot in 4k

If possible, record your videos in 4k. This quality was made for videos and allows for an amazingly clear and beautiful video, especially if you’re zooming in on something. It also allows for a much deeper and truer color tone. This is great because you really get the true colors that are in the shot.

Formatting and topics are two of the biggest things that you should know about in order to start creating videos! The more you practice the better, so get out there and start creating videos. If you need any help or would like additional guidance on equipment, you can reach out to us at [email protected].


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