Edumarketer Tip #138: Write Down General Topics

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021

The content you develop will help to educate your prospects and customers and answer questions they have regarding your products and/or services.  Coming up with different content is not hard when you have a list of topics to pull from.  You should always have a list of topics.  If you want help in coming up with topics, we have written a 52 Week Video Planner Guide that will help you create videos, by giving you a topic for each week.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE or on our website HERE.  

Write Down General Topics

If you are a mortgage professional, your topic may be saving money for a down payment, or benefits of buying vs. renting. Write out several topics. The idea is to discover what topics you want to start building your content around.  You don’t have to do anything more than just write down topics. Take a few minutes and write down at least five topics. You may come up with more than five topics. Just focus on your topics. Think about what questions your prospects or clients have. In previous chapters, you identified your ideal customer, customer segments and specific needs; go back and look at your list. This will help you list out various topics. Topics are very general and can come from your segmented customer list.  

Here’s an example:

Each of these topics relates to a segmented customer who is searching for information. By selecting information on a topic, they may be searching on, you place yourself in front of them in their search.

Now it’s your turn. Identify a few topics you can use to develop your edumarketing content.


Write Out Several Potential Topics


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