Edumarketer Tip #140: Educational Marketing Content

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

You can create educational marketing content in many different ways.  We talk a lot about video, because we need more video in our industry and it is new, but there are many other means to educate that have been used for a long time.  I love leveraging my educational marketing content with blogs, handouts and webinars. 


There are many options for creating edumarketing content. You may write a blog post or create a video for your YouTube channel. You may create a check list to use to capture leads on your website or an online course for your eLearning site. You may create a PowerPoint slide deck to use in a webinar or you may use the topic as a discussion in your podcast. You can develop several different deliverables for each topic. The most important thing to remember is to take your topic and write your content, then develop your deliverables. Yes, this process does take a bit of up-front work, but once you have done it, you will be thankful because you will end up with a strong list of topics that will support you in your marketing and business goals and position you as the expert in your field.  


As you go about creating content, you will want to create a content hub to organize your content for your various distribution channels like blog posts, videos, social media, presentations, eLearning, eBooks, etc. If your topic is long, then you may want to create one cohesive paper and/or presentation. Although the content you create may be divided into multiple deliverables, creating one single presentation or whitepaper gives you more control and will help you:

  •   Divide your broader topics into smaller topics
  •   Develop multiple content for various distributions channels
  •   Build FAQ’s

Let’s take a look at an example: 

By taking the content headline, you can create the content, in this case an article, then from the article, you can develop other deliverables. With a plan like this, you can take one content headline and develop a blog article, short YouTube video, or a webinar where you take the content in the article and create a slide deck where you talk about each of the five points. You could then develop a breakout session to hold at a local association chapter meeting. There are so many options, but the key is to begin by identifying the topic, getting creative with your content headlines, determining your delivery channels and then creating the content. In our next chapter, we will move on to discussing how to market your edumarketing content.

Now, it’s your turn. Take one of your topics, write out the headline, determine your delivery channels and then write out your plan for creating your deliverables.


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