Steps to Success: Identify Areas for Improvement

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020

Over the past couple weeks, we have been sharing the steps to success that are needed in order to obtain your objectives - from identifying your goals to making a plan to managing your time more efficiently.

Once you've identified your goals, drafted a plan and brainstormed time management tips, now it's time to identify your areas for improvement.

You may feel like there's one area in your life that you have everything down exactly how it should be, but let's face it, we can always benefit by improving all areas of our lives. And it starts with identifying the areas that are we lacking in. 

Identify Practices that Enhance Your Business

What are 2 to 3 business practices that will enhance or change your business? Take some time to think of things that you have tried in your business that have worked. Think of things that have produced even the tiniest result. Something little can go a long way. Write them down and come up with a system on how to implement them into your work days.

Pick Projects that Change the Game

Do you have 2 to 3 projects in mind that could change the course of your business? Write out those projects, and include them in your annual business planning.

If you don't have any projects lined up, think of some that could benefit you and help you reach your goals. They don't have to be huge projects. Sometimes starting small is the best option.

Examples could be:

  • Work on your database to improve follow up consistency and categorize your referral partners and clients into A, B and C categories.
  • Make direct contact with your last two-year closed loan clients.
  • Hire and train a marketing assistant.
  • Hire a outsource for creating and editing videos.
  • Script yourself and your team for follow up and training videos to send to clients and partners.
  • Learn to effectively use social media.\

There are numerous programs, hints, and tips available to help you improve productivity. The key to improvement is discovering what works and repeating actions with the appropriate tools. This requires researching and trying different strategies to determine which ones fit best with your workload and habits. For example, not everyone can use the same technology to keep a schedule.

Once you determine which resources and strategies are effective, it is important to keep repeating them. There is no reason to change your routine once you have determined what works for you. Over time, the repetition will increase your productivity and help you move forward.

Be sure to look out for our "Tip of the Week" blog post every Wednesday! We share the best tips on how you can start creating educational content. Next week, I'll share with you step number five, which is about mastering the disciplines.

Want Help Creating an Educational Marketing Plan?

Need help honing your message or organizing your goals and educational marketing plan? Reach out to us today! Our team can help with any aspect of the planning process from creating a personalized plan for your brand to having your own personal production team at your fingertips. But if you never give it a try, none of this will help you. So, get out there and start achieving your goals today!


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