National Homeownership Month!

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022

June 8th

June is National Homeownership Month

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate Homeownership Month:

Host a Community Homeownership Forum

Organize a housing forum (in person or virtually) to provide an opportunity for public and industry leaders to examine and discuss the state of the housing situation in your community. Ask experts such as a mortgage banker, an economist from the local college, and a realtor to speak. Invite the media and the public to attend.

Contact Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Let your local Chamber know that it is National Homeownership Month and offer to host a webinar or event talking about homeownership in your community. You could write an article for their newsletter or find out how else you can help them talk about the importance of homeownership.

Interview a State or Congressional Member

Contact your state representatives and ask if you can sit down and do a video interview with them talking about the state of the housing industry in your local area.

Ginger Bell

CEO & Founder, Edumarketing

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