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Uncategorized Jan 19, 2022

Shoot Your Video Horizontally

Horizontal video is currently the most common format for distribution, and that’s likely to stay the same for quite some time. The vertical video slowly became more popular after 2010, following the release of the iPhone, and as most smartphones adopted a similar, taller screen shape.

It’s Better for Long-Form Content

Nobody wants to watch long-form content in a vertical format. Not only do people prefer to consume content on bigger devices, but even when they do consume content on their smartphone, it’s very easy to simply flip the phone sideways and watch the video horizontally.

We’re Naturally Equipped for Horizontal Video

Our eyesight is naturally horizontal, allowing us to see more in our peripheral vision. That’s why horizontal video has long been the most popular option and why most viewers prefer it.

It’s Professional

Anybody can record vertical content on their phones nowadays, but high-resolution, broadcast-quality horizontal video immediately makes an impact. Combined with amazing audio and graphics, your video content demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to your brand.

You Can Always Crop Later

Shooting your videos in a horizontal format gives you the best of both worlds. If you ever want to create square or vertical videos for your social media, then oftentimes the videos can easily be clipped and reshaped.

This is particularly true for interview videos, which allow you to crop the sides of the video and focus more on the face of the subject.

So, when you grab your phone to record a video, be sure to set it horizontally and you’ll look professional and make it easy to edit and produce a high quality, educational video!


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