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Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

How Video Builds Trust and Relationships

It always amuses me when I go to a group meeting of some kind and people walk up to me out of the blue and say things like "Hey Ginger, how are you? How is your son? How was your trip to Hawaii?" This may sound like idle chatter, but what makes this exchange so fascinating is that often I have never spoken a word to this person in my life.


What I have done is started a conversation with them through videos, social media posts, live workshops, Facebook groups, live streams, webinars, newsletters and books. I have literally become someone they feel like they know because I started a one-way conversation.

What then happens, is when I see them, but now that we have connected in person, they are eager to fill me in on their side of the conversation. It's as if the floodgates have opened for them and they can finally tell me what has been on their minds for months!

And what normally ensues is a great conversation that allows us to get past the normal process of getting to know someone and earning their trust, even though this is the first time I've ever really met the individual.

Better yet, a lot of times I get direct business or referrals out of these conversations.

The point here is that you have to take the opportunity to start the conversation with your prospects-- and even your existing clients.

And before you go and write off the idea of doing this because it will take too much effort, don't be ridiculous. You could simply shoot a video or write a newsletter every month sharing information about you and send it out to your clients and prospects. Remember, it is you they get to know. It is you they like. It is you who is YOUR brand. By connecting with your audience and sharing what is going on in your world, you create a connection. And although this connection may be one-sided to begin with, they are watching, ready and listening and they connect with you.

The tools you use to start the conversation do not have to be complex, costly, full color and glossy or made up of any other preconceived notion that you already have. The content is much more important than the look. Not that a great look isn't also helpful, I'm just suggesting that you not get bogged down in the details, just get started!

So, the next time you are looking for a new way to drum up clients, increase customer retention and transaction size, just remember, all you have to do is start the conversation. Myself and the rest of your prospects will be ready and waiting.

If we can help you create a strategy for connecting please set up a strategy session. We’d love to connect with you. Click HERE to set up your strategy session.


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