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Uncategorized Sep 28, 2022

5 Ideas For Live Video Content

I do a live video every week for our Mortgage Video Mastermind Facebook Group. One of the things I love about doing live video every week is that each week is different, and I have gotten ok with things not being perfect. I’ve recorded videos beside swimming pools while I am traveling and sitting in a parka outside during COVID. Doing live video content is much easier than you think.

Below are five ideas you can use to create live video content. Try one of them this week and let me know how it goes. I am also including a video interview script for you to use when recording a video with one of your real estate partners. Click the button below to download the script.

1. Q&A's

The easiest kind of live content to create is live Q and A sessions where you ask your audience for questions, and you answer them as they come.

If you’re just getting started and don’t have a big audience yet you can position the Q and A session as a “Most frequently asked questions” session and answer the 5-6 questions you get asked the most in between live questions.

2. One Topic “Expert” Talks

People get way too caught up in having to be the # 1 expert in their field that it often keeps them from taking action.

You might even want to survey your audience with a few different topic ideas to make sure that they are interested in whatever topic you choose for your “expert” talk.

3. Field Trips

One of the coolest things about live content is that it allows you to take your audience with you whether it’s inside a live sporting event or a simple behind the scenes look at a day in your life, live content allows you to share experiences with your audience.

A great way to tap into this is with what I like to call “Field Trips” if you have an upcoming event or know you’ll be going somewhere cool, let your audience know a few days in advance and then give them a countdown so they can be sure not to miss it.

4. Panels and Discussions

Most live content platforms allow you to bring others into your live streams; this is a great opportunity to do interviews, discussions, or my personal favorite panel discussions of a certain topic.

The other benefit to panels and group discussions is that you can pool your followers and everyone who is speaking can promote the live discussion to their list or followers!

5. Demonstrations

The last type of live content I want to talk about is demonstrations.

Demonstrations are great because they show what your product or service can actually do. Now, we know that there are not a lot of “demonstration” opportunities in the mortgage industry, but could you show how to complete an online application, or how to read an appraisal. There are “demonstrations” you can do. The more “out there” or unconventional your demonstration is, the better suited it will be to a live content formula.

By now you should have a good idea about what kind of content you want to create for your first live broadcast.

Take a minute now to write down 2 or 3 of the 5 ideas I just shared with you and commit to doing your first live broadcast this week!

We can help you! Our Virtual Video Producer allows you to shoot your video and then let us take over from there. You shoot the video, we make it awesome! If you’d like help with your video, connect with us at www.edumarketing.com.

Click HERE to Download the Interview Script


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