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Uncategorized Jul 26, 2023

Using Chat GPT to generate content for families with young children can be very helpful for real estate agents. You can save time while delivering effective content that aligns with your objectives and talking points, while maintaining an engaging, informative and customized message that speaks directly to the target audience.

Using a lead gen strategy can be very helpful for your business and in this video, Ginger shares how to use Chat GPT to write a script or blog post to use in your marketing. She ties it in with the New Home Adventure Book. A great strategy for combining a video or marketing piece like the New Home Adventure Book with a lead capture system.

Check out the video and if you’d like to get your own customized copy of New Home Adventure Book go to https://bit.ly/46JmEU6 

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Ginger Bell

CEO & Founder, Edumarketing



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