Why Isn't Everyone Producing Videos All the Time?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

We know that right now, the reason no one is producing videos all the time is because everyone is slammed. But this is not going to last forever and creating videos and having a plan for creating videos is important for 2021. The real reason everyone is not producing video all the time is that they have a plan for creating videos. Many originators set out to add video to their marketing strategy without having a clear idea of how much it's going to cost them or a clear idea of the process.

The truth is that the most important part of the creating videos happens before you hit record.

Planning and figuring out what you are going to talk about is really where most of the magic happens. This is long before you hit the “record” button.You can’t create knockout videos without first making a plan of what you are going to talk about. You can hire a professional video production team who comes in and shoots video and you can hire editors who will edit and produce your videos, but most video production staff do not have the industry expertise to help you create your content. Taking the time to plan your videos will not only save you time, but money, too.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to share with you my top tips to creating video content.

Let’s begin with tip number one:

Figure Out Your Audience

We offer a lot of different products in the mortgage industry and you cannot make a video about everything, so knowing who you are targeting as your audience to is critical. We have first-time homebuyers, investors, veterans and retirees. There are those who want to refinance a home and those who want to buy a home. You can create content for consumers or real estate agents. Don’t ever fall into the trap of assuming that all consumers want to see the same content. They don’t and they are looking for different information online. So, dialing into a specific audience for your video is important. You can make different videos that speak to different audiences.

After all, your audience is made up of more than just one customer with one interest. The group of people you’re targeting is likely to have overlapping interests that you can exploit when planning your video content.

If you are struggling in figuring out your audience for your video, answer these questions:

  1. What are their challenges?
  2. What are their fears?
  3. What are their questions?
  4. What are their goals?

Narrowing down your video to a specific audience, rather than a generic audience will help you create a much more targeted and effective video.

Too often, video campaigns are built to include everyone but result in interesting no one. Be sure to create your video message to your targeted audience. Find out what will interest them, answer their questions and position yourself as the expert.

In our next blog post, we will share the three E’s of content marketing.


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