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Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

Writing out a script or outline for your video is a key component of your pre-video production planning and unfortunately one that is often not done.

So many times I see videos posted online with really no thought into message or outcome.

Yes, I know, you are a loan originator and not a script writer. I know that you did not just walk off of the screen writers set for Jerry Seinfield. And, yes, contrary to popular belief, not just anyone can write a script. Often, someone on the team will dash off a script and think it's ready to execute without several rounds of critiquing and revising. It's important to get input from other members on your marketing team who speak to customers individually.

Don't worry if the script for your video goes through several drafts by the time you're ready to shoot. Even Martin Scorsese revises his screenplays many times. Having a solid foundation to work from will form a large part of your production and post-production schedules.

We advise our clients to begin with a list of topics. Think about the questions you are always answering. In our Edumarketing Media content in a box program, we have four different video scripts that we give our members every month. We have a refi script, a purchase script, a product script and a process script. We do that because not every consumer is looking for the same information, so you want to create videos around different topics.

To identify what your customers want to know about, you must first understand who your customer is and what are their needs.

Fact: 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing.

Knowing what your customers’ needs and the questions they may have about making a purchase or doing business with you is the first step in writing a script.

Let’s start with step one, which is identifying your ideal customer.

Step One: Identify Your Ideal Customer

Here is what that may look like if you are a mortgage originator.

  1. Someone who wants to buy a home.
  2. Someone who wants to refinance their home.

Pretty basic huh? Once you have identified your customer, you can break it down into segments, such as first-time homebuyer, retiree, someone who wants to up-size, down-size, etc.

If you need help coming up with ideas, you can get our Mortgage Video Planner Guide on Amazon. Click HERE to order today. It’s 52 weeks of video ideas in a workbook that will help you create your scripts for your weekly videos.

Next week we will share how to create your video branding.


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