52 weeks of leadership quotes along with a planning template to help you create leadership videos for the next year!  If you are a manager, leader or influencer, you need this video planner.  

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What's Included?

The Leadership Video Planner gives you 52 weeks of video prompts to help you create one video per week for the entire year. 

Each week you will select a leadership quote to help inspire you to share your thoughts. 

You may want to start your video out by reading the quote and then share a story that relates to the quote. You may want to use the quote to share your thoughts on that topic.

Whatever you choose to do is fine. You can use the planner to jot down your thoughts before you shoot your video. It’s about creating a plan!

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1. Leadership Jumpstart Course.

2. Carl and Ginger's Leaders Who Lead Course.

3. 52 Quote Cards to Post on Social Media.

4. Realtor Scripts to Help You Leverage Your Videos to Build Your Business. 

52 Weeks of Ideas to Inspire You To Create Leadership Videos!

All proceeds of the sale of the book are donated to Folds of Honor.


Jumpstart Course

We walk you through how to use the planner to create your videos. 

Quote Cards

We've included 52 weeks of quote cards to go along with your videos. 

Partner Script

We've crafted the perfect message to help you make calls to share your videos.

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The Leadership Video Planner  was created as a result of an increase in requests for video topic ideas by sales managers, business owners and leaders. Stocked with 52 leadership quotes, this planner was made to help leaders create inspirational video content. The planner includes a weekly leadership quote that will provide a full year of video production content ideas for leaders. Get in front of your audience and position yourself as a leader!

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About the Authors


Ginger Bell

Ginger Bell is a five times Best-Selling Author, Emmy and Telly Award Winning Producer and Founder and CEO of Edumarketing, a full-service marketing agency and video production company. 

In 2020, Ginger, like so many of us, had her world change overnight. The pandemic grounded her from traveling, training, speaking and inspiring audiences in the mortgage and real estate industry. That didn’t stop her though. Instead, she created focus groups and discovered what loan originators needed to create videos to connect with their customers and business partners. One thing she found was that professionals needed help coming up with ideas for their videos, so she wrote the Mortgage Video Planner

The Mortgage Video Planner provides one weekly video prompt and an outline to help formulate your thoughts. It’s pretty simple: pick a topic, write out your notes and record your video. The Mortgage Video Planner continues to provide guidance for many mortgage professionals. Over the years, Ginger found herself working with branch managers and business owners in the mortgage industry, who struggled with content for their videos. They are not focused on the consumer, but instead are leading their teams and recruiting. That is why Ginger teamed up with industry icon and leader, Carl White, Founder and CEO of Mortgage Marketing Animals to write the Leadership Video Planner.

Carl White

Carl White is the Founder and CEO of Mortgage Marketing Animals and Freedom Club, a successful mortgage marketing training program. Carl is also a Branch Manager for one of the top mortgage branches in America and host of the number one podcast for loan originators, Carl is on a mission to help loan originators and branch managers enjoy a life of freedom, both time and financial freedom. Carl uses video in his business and knows the power it has to position you as the expert, he also knows how important it is as a leader, to share your message and help to inspire not only those in your organization, but in the industry.

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What Makes Edumarketing Effective?

We developed a process to identify what your customers want to know about you, your products, services and what’s important to them.  From there, we came up with a system to create a long-term plan that allows you to develop topics, headlines and content that educate rather than market.

That's why we call it EDUMARKETING.