Make Videos to Educate Agents and Veterans 

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Not sure what to make your videos about?

We are making it easier for you to come up with video content about the VA Home Loan with 52 weeks of video ideas.


This is a planner with 52 weeks of video ideas along with a planning template to help you create videos for veterans and real estate professionals telling them about the VA Home Loan.

We are giving you topics for the next year! 

If you serve our veteran community then you want this planner to help you come up with ideas to create your videos. 

Want to make videos for veterans?  You need this video planner.  

Start making VA Home Loan videos with the VA Home Loan Video Planner.  Order yours today!

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Jumpstart Course

We walk you through how to use the planner to create your videos. 

Social Media Posts

We've included VA Home Loan Social Media Graphic to share on social media. 

Qualification Guide

We've created a find out if you're qualified guide. 

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What's Included?

The VA Home Loan Video Planner gives you 52 weeks of video prompts to help you create one video per week for the entire year. 

Each week you will select a VA Home Loan Topic to help inspire you to share your thoughts. 

You may want to start your video out with a hook sharing what question you are answering or  share a story about a veteran you helped.  

Whatever you choose to do is fine. You can use the planner to jot down your thoughts before you shoot your video. It’s about creating a plan!

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We are including the following bonuses for purchasing the planner:

1. Video Jumpstart Course.

2. A years worth of inspirational social graphics

3. Realtor Scripts to Help You Leverage Your Videos

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Video Production
VA Video Planner Bonuses


52 Weeks of Ideas to Inspire You To Create Videos that Educate Veterans and Real Estate Professionals about the Power of the VA Home Loan!

Proceeds of the sale of the book are donated to Folds of Honor.
Join the Mortgage and Real Estate Folds of Honor Chapter!

In 2020, Ginger Bell co-produced the Folds of Honor documentary.  Through this documentary she learned about the impactful stories of each family who is affected by a loss of a family member.  This inspired her to start a Virtual Folds of Honor Chapter dedicated completely to the mortgage and real estate industries.  

With the help of Jeff Parry and other industry professionals, the Virtual Folds of Honor Chapter is focused on raising funds and awareness for Folds of Honor. 

Watch the  Emmy Award winning

Folds of Honor Documentary 


Jumpstart Course

We walk you through how to use the planner to create your videos. 

Social Media Posts

We've included VA Home Loan Social Media Graphic to share. 

VA Home Loan Guide

We've created a complete guide to how to qualify for the VA  Loan.  

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Serving our Veteran Community 

Originators today are faced with a plethora of challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to creating the perfect video content for their target audience. But that task can become even more daunting if your intended audience is veterans. We know you want to make sure your videos are tailored and sensitive towards the needs of this particular group, so we've got just what you need – video topic ideas from our VA Loan Video Planner

We'll show you a comprehensive list of 52 ideas to create powerful videos honoring our heroes. Join us as we dive into this expert guide and learn how you can honor our nation’s brave servicemen and women through effective video marketing strategies! 

As originators, we know that the VA Home Loan is arguably one of the best mortgage options available for veterans. 

With zero down payment required and ultra-low ongoing costs, the VA mortgage program is more affordable than almost any other. And it’s only available to those who have served in the U.S. military.  And yet — only 24% of current military homeowners are tapping those benefits. Which means many are leaving money on the table. 

Consider that there are about 19 million veterans in the United States. And 78% of veteran households are homeowners. That makes for about 14.8 million veteran households in the country. (And we’re not even counting active-duty service members.) Yet only 3.55 million eligible borrowers currently have VA loans.  That means that 24% of qualified homeowners are currently using their VA loan benefits — and 76% aren’t. Pretty astounding, considering the VA loan is one of the best loan programs out there.  

That is why we created the VA Loan Video Planner.  Our goal is to make an impact and help educate veterans and real estate professionals about this incredible benefit available to those who have served us and our country. 

But we need your help!  This VA Loan Video Planner gives videos topic to help you record a veteran video every week for an entire year!  Are you in?  Let’s do this! 

Thank you for sharing your expertise to help empower veteran homeowners. 


Ginger Bell & Marshall Sparkman

About the Authors

Ginger Bell 

Ginger Bell is a six times Best-Selling Author, Emmy and Telly Award Winning Producer and Founder and CEO of Edumarketing, a full-service marketing agency and video production company. 

In 2020, Ginger, like so many of us, had her world change overnight. The pandemic grounded her from traveling, training, speaking and inspiring audiences in the mortgage and real estate industry. That didn’t stop her though. Instead, she created focus groups and discovered what loan originators needed to create videos to connect with their customers and business partners. One thing she found was that professionals needed help producing ideas for their videos, so she wrote the Mortgage Video Planner.  The Mortgage Video Planner provides one weekly video prompt and an outline to help formulate your thoughts. It’s pretty simple: pick a topic, write out your notes and record your video. The Mortgage Video Planner continues to provide guidance for many mortgage professionals. Over the years, Ginger found that loan originators wanted to focus on additional topics like the VA Home Loan. That is why she partnered with VA Home Loan specialist, Marshall Sparkman, CEO of Sparkman Lending to write the VA Loan Video Planner.

Marshall Sparkman

Marshall Sparkman was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the US Air Force. He has been a Mortgage Loan Officer since 2008 and is an alumnus of the Middle Tennessee State University aerospace program. As an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Marshall managed a fleet of 18 aircraft, seven organizations, and 410 personnel. His military career was highlighted by multiple deployments and achievements, which gave him a unique view of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all he does. 

Marshall's passion for streamlining the mortgage process and giving the most benefit to his clients led him to start his own mortgage company, Sparkman Lending. He is committed to providing the best customer service possible and ensuring that his clients are able to achieve their home ownership dreams. When he's not working hard for his clients, Marshall enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, playing golf, playing guitar and drums, and fellowshipping with men from his church.

Thank you to our supporters who proudly support and educate our veteran community! 


Jumpstart Course

We walk you through how to use the planner to create your videos. 

Social Media Posts

We've included VA Home Loan Social Media Graphic to share on social media. 

Qualification Guide

We've created a find out if you're qualified guide. 

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What Makes Edumarketing Effective?

We developed a process to identify what your customers want to know about you, your products, services and what’s important to them.  From there, we came up with a system to create a long-term plan that allows you to develop topics, headlines and content that educate rather than market.

That's why we call it EDUMARKETING.