Whether you are looking for someone to help you set up your studio or want to have someone edit and produce videos for you, we can help.  We’ve been producing professional videos, online courses, webinars and the likes for the past 15 years.


Our Video Production Program begins with a planning session where we help you plan the videos you want to produce.  It could be explainer videos or process videos.  Maybe you want a hero video produced showcasing your company.  Once we’ve identified what content you want to create, we work with you to create a plan to produce your videos.

You may want to create a social media educational initiative, or a how to videos for your website.  You may be ready to launch your own YouTube channel.  Whatever your goal is, we can help you deliver it with awesome results!

It all begins with a complimentary consultation. 



The Video Production Program is a monthly subscription program that gives you an outsourced virtual production company at your fingertips. We position YOU as the expert in your field and make selling you and your services effortless.

Upload your videos to your producer and then we edit, produce and post your videos onto social media, making it easy for you to continue to work in your business.

What You Do:  Record your videos.  Record them on your phone or whatever equipment you prefer.  You upload them through our secure file upload and then approve the content once it's completed.  Then do it again the following week. You can even batch your videos and record all of them ahead of time. We will produce them for you each week.

What We Do:  We begin with an onboarding call to get your branding, colors, information and overall plan for your videos.  We  show you how to record your videos, how to upload them and how we will deliver your content to you.   Then you get to work and record your videos (and yes, we will coach you through how to make your videos better).  When we receive your videos we fully edit them with captions, music, and trending sounds.  When the videos are complete we put it into a shared folder for you to use on your social media. 

We Post it For You:  We create your YouTube thumbnail and post your videos onto YouTube.  We also post your weekly videos on up to six social channels including groups, pages, etc.  We create each week's content the week before and give you 48 hours to request revisions. 



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Use Any Device to Record Your Videos

Each month you will record four videos. You can record them with any device such as your phone, computer or camera. We will show you how to record on each devise, what microphones, lighting, stands, etc. work best. 

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Editing and Production

We Edit, Brand and Produce Your Videos

Trying to find time to edit and produce videos every month can be difficult. Shoot your videos, send them to us and you will be matched with one of our video production specialists who will be responsible for editing, branding and sending your videos back. 



Are you ready to change the course of your business? Join one of our programs today and take your business to the next level of success. 


What Makes Edumarketing Effective?

We developed a process to identify what your customers want to know about you, your products, services and what’s important to them.  From there, we came up with a system to create a long-term plan that allows you to develop topics, headlines and content that educate rather than market.

That's why we call it EDUMARKETING.