Video Editing Software Review: Final Cut Pro X

Last week I shared details about Camtasia, an easy-to-use video editing program for beginners. This is a great option out there for those who aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs of video production, but want to give it a try. There are a number of different video editing programs and this week I am going to share details about Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X is a desktop application made by Apple. It’s a great video editing software for those who have Macs, because it’s not available to Windows users. This program is mostly used by independent filmmakers and those that produce videos as a hobby. 

It works similarly to Adobe Premiere, but it doesn’t include as complex of features like Premiere does. You start editing by importing images, audio and video from a file on your computer or external hard drive. It’s quick and easy to use for those who are familiar with video editing, but don’t have a ton of experience. 

Compared to Premiere, Final Cut is less expensive since Adobe requires you to have a monthly or yearly subscription in order to have access to updates as part of your purchase. Final Cut is a one time purchase in which you have access to all future updates.


  • Improved proxy workflows - allows you to transcode your full resolution media, take your 4K or 8K projects with you.
  • Smart conform for social media - analyzes each clip in your timeline and automatically crops your video to be square, vertical or any custom size and shape
  • Metal engine - allows you to work with more complex projects, larger frame sizes and higher frame rates at faster speeds. 
  • Multicam editing - view up to 16 angles at once in the angle editor. 
  • Ability to color grade clips for that perfect video look.
  • Includes over 30 default audio and video effects, along with much more. 

Final Cut is a great option for those who are looking for something more advanced than Camtasia. It offers a wide range of features and effects so you can edit and produce high quality videos for anything you want!


Need help honing your message or organizing your video editing strategy or production? Reach out to me today! My team and I can help with any aspect of your video production from creating a video editing outline to having a producer review your videos and recommend any changes. But if you never give it a try, none of this will help you. So, get out there and start practicing your video editing skills!


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