Everything You Need to Know About Promoting Your Facebook Live Event and Grow an Excited Audience

Last week, we shared how to start streaming on Facebook Live and this week we are sharing how to grow your audience. Facebook live is an easy way to educate your real estate agents and borrowers.

Unless you’re the spontaneous type and plan to go live right away, you’ll need to promote your livestream ahead of time. Advertising your upcoming livestream ensures that you’ll have an audience ready to interact with you the moment you go live.

Our three tips can help you grow viewership long before you’re live on Facebook:

1. Tag Friends, Family, Partners, and Other Brands

Generate excitement about your upcoming livestream by tagging people you think would enjoy the content. Tag friends and family and ask them to share the post with their network. Or tag your business partners and brands you’ve done business with too. Just make sure you are providing value to that audience and you aren’t “that guy” on Facebook who “keeps tagging me in really irrelevant posts that I have no interest in.” Yes, don’t be that guy. As always, use tact!

The more people who know about your livestream, the larger the audience that’ll tune in!

2. Share the Livestream Link on Other Platforms

Let the world know you’re planning to go live by cross-posting about it on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

3. Send the Link To Your Email Subscribers

Remember to inform your email subscribers about your livestream, too. Send them a message about the upcoming Facebook Live event along with the livestream link and a calendar invite. Recipients who accept the calendar invite will be notified right when it’s time to log onto Facebook for the event.

Next week we will be sharing What to Do Once You're Live. Be sure to look for our weekly blog post on Wednesdays!


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