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We are all using virtual meetings more these days. If you are not doing virtual meetings with your borrowers, you should add it to your communication plan. I did a webinar recently on Creating a Communication Plan and was not so surprised to find out from the 400 or so attendees, that over 95% of all applications are completed online. This certainly is understandable given the world we now live in, however; since you are no longer meeting with your borrowers face to face, you still need to build rapport with them and that is why holding at least your first meeting with them on a virtual call is so important.

Zoom offers a free option that will fit most of your needs. To answer your question, yes, Zoom is safe, as long as you set up a couple of things like a password or waiting rooms. Personally, I have been using Zoom for the past four years and conduct all of my webinars on Zoom. I have never had an issue with Zoom.

Below are a few Zoom Pro Tips that I hope will help you...

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The Best Lighting to Use for Your Virtual Meetings, Facebook Live Events and Videos

For the past few weeks, we've been sharing how to start using Facebook live. For some of you, Facebook live is more than you are ready to take on, but most of us are doing virtual meetings, especially with our borrowers. So, it's important to use the proper lighting at your desk for your videos.

As we are all so keenly aware, COVID has brought a halt to any live workshops you may have done in the past, but it certainly has not put a halt on business and many of you have taken to doing “virtual” meetings with your borrowers. Virtual meetings are a great way to stay connected and still develop that “face-to-face” relationship. Whether you are using Skype, Zoom, Ring Central or Gotomeeting, your equipment is important.

We cannot tell you how many video calls we've been on where the person is in the dark or shadowed by too much back lighting and while this may not seem like a big deal to some people, how you look does create a first impression, so having the...

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How to Make Your Facebook Live Streams More Interactive!

Last week, we shared how to promote your Facebook live event and grow your audience. Facebook live is an easy way to educate your real estate agents and borrowers. This week we are going to share tips to make your Facebook live stream more interesting and interactive and promote your event long after the event is done.

Streaming live for the first time can seem nerve-wracking! But with the proper preparation and my tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have a fun time. Plus, practice makes perfect. Our team wasn’t as confident on camera at first as they are now, so the most important step is to stop second guessing yourself and just have fun with it. We always tell our clients, “when the message is more important than your ego, you’ll get out of the way and start sharing the message.”

Before you go live, test your video and microphone by using the “Only Me” option on Facebook, and make adjustments as needed. Turn off all outside notifications, and...

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Everything You Need to Know About Promoting Your Facebook Live Event and Grow an Excited Audience

Last week, we shared how to start streaming on Facebook Live and this week we are sharing how to grow your audience. Facebook live is an easy way to educate your real estate agents and borrowers.

Unless you’re the spontaneous type and plan to go live right away, you’ll need to promote your livestream ahead of time. Advertising your upcoming livestream ensures that you’ll have an audience ready to interact with you the moment you go live.

Our three tips can help you grow viewership long before you’re live on Facebook:

1. Tag Friends, Family, Partners, and Other Brands

Generate excitement about your upcoming livestream by tagging people you think would enjoy the content. Tag friends and family and ask them to share the post with their network. Or tag your business partners and brands you’ve done business with too. Just make sure you are providing value to that audience and you aren’t “that guy” on Facebook who “keeps tagging me in...

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Five Steps to Getting Started with Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook is similar to hosting a party, except it is virtual.

You wouldn’t throw a party without cleaning up, organizing tables and chairs, or buying snacks and drinks. Setting up a Facebook Livestream is like being a good party host—it’s all about the details.

But, before you get to the details, you have to choose the party’s theme. Or, in this case, the topic you plan to livestream about.

I'll be doing a webinar later this month on September 16th sharing how to do Facebook live events. Click HERE to register for this free webinar.

Common Facebook Live topics include:

  • Q&A sessions
  • Interview series
  • Industry news
  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Topics requested by your audience
  • Whatever you want to talk about

Once you’ve decided on a topic, you can begin to plan out all the details like the livestream date and time and what equipment you’ll need.

Follow these instructions to go live immediately or schedule a livestream for a...

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