Zoom Pro Tips!

We are all using virtual meetings more these days. If you are not doing virtual meetings with your borrowers, you should add it to your communication plan. I did a webinar recently on Creating a Communication Plan and was not so surprised to find out from the 400 or so attendees, that over 95% of all applications are completed online. This certainly is understandable given the world we now live in, however; since you are no longer meeting with your borrowers face to face, you still need to build rapport with them and that is why holding at least your first meeting with them on a virtual call is so important.

Zoom offers a free option that will fit most of your needs. To answer your question, yes, Zoom is safe, as long as you set up a couple of things like a password or waiting rooms. Personally, I have been using Zoom for the past four years and conduct all of my webinars on Zoom. I have never had an issue with Zoom.

Below are a few Zoom Pro Tips that I hope will help you in your virtual meetings!


You can easily remember your meeting id number when you set it to be your phone number, or a number you can easily remember. This helps when you are wanting to schedule a quick meeting. You can change the number in your personal meeting ID under your profile settings in your Zoom account. Here’s how you can use your personal meeting with your borrowers:

1. Simply tell your borrower to go to www.zoom.us

2. Have them click on join a meeting.

3. Tell them to enter your phone number as the meeting number.

4. They are in the meeting and you don’t even have to send them a link or set up an invitation!


None of us like how we appear on video, but you can “soften” how you look. Here’s how you can touch up your appearance in Zoom.

1. In the Zoom desktop client, click on your profile picture and then settings.

2. Click on the video tab and in the video settings dialog.

3. Click on Touch up my appearance.

4. You can use the slider to adjust the effect.


You can use Zoom to show your desktop screen and help your borrower upload documents or review their appraisal. You can also use Zoom to show your borrower how to use an app that is on their phone. Let’s say for example you have an app like Finlocker, and you want to show your borrower how to use it. All you have to do is share your screen with screen mirroring. You can only do this with an iPhone or iPad. Here is how:

1. In your meeting, click on share screen.

2. Choose iPhone/iPad.

3. If you would like to share your phone audio during the meeting, check share computer sound.

4. Click share screen.

5. You may need to download the plug-in the first time, so choose install the plug-in.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your IOS device.

a. On your phone, swipe up to access the control center.

b. Tap screen mirroring.

c. Choose the zoom-your computer option.

d. Your phone is now shared into the meeting and your borrower can see you give a demo of the app on your phone.

This is one of the coolest features that I love using, especially when I am showing clients how to use the teleprompter apps that we use to record videos with scripts.

These are just a few tips to help you while using Zoom. Happy Zooming!!!

Always pass on what you have learned!


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