Video Editing Software Review: Camtasia by TechSmith

If you are wanting an easy to use video editing software that doesn’t require you to go to film school, Camtasia by TechSmith may be the software for you. Last week I shared details with you about Adobe Premiere Pro, and this week I am sharing how Camtasia By TechSmith works, along with its best features. 


Camtasia By TechSmith

Camtasia is more than just a video editing software.  In fact, it is basically two software’s in one - a screen recording and a video editing software. 


The video editing software works similar to how Adobe Premiere Pro operates by importing videos, audio and graphics into the library from a file source located on a desktop or hard drive. However; it is much more simple to use. Camtasia’s video editing capabilities is one of the main reasons we recommend it to our clients. Its clean layout and operating system makes the learning process quick and simple. It allows you to edit content you recorded on your computer, while also giving you the option to add and edit content you captured on a different device. 


The screen recording software works by pressing the recording button. It records both your computer screen and your audio, then you can edit it on the timeline once you’re done. Camtasia also gives you the option to record the audio and your screen separately. It’s the perfect option if you are creating how-to videos for your staff or customers. 


  • Clean and straightforward design - quick to learn and easy to use compared to other programs.
  • Screen recording option for demonstrations and ability to record them separately. 
  • SCORM capabilities - can import quizzes to the media bin and export your finished project to a SCORM package for online Learning Management Systems (LMS). 
  • Smartphone companion application - works with FUSE which allows videos on your smartphone to be sent to Camtasia for editing. 
  • Simple video, audio and cursor effects - great for beginners as the options and use of them are less overwhelming. 
  • Option to add titles or captions to your videos. 
  • Publish directly to social media platforms. 

Finding a simple and easy-to-use video editing software can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it. If the software you’re thinking about buying has a free trial, consider trying it out first to see if you like it. But, remember to cancel the membership if you don’t plan on purchasing it!

Next week I’ll be talking all about Final Cut Pro X. Be on the look out for our blog post!

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