Edumarketer Tip #103: Shoot Multiple Takes

This is one of the biggest tips we recommend to our clients. Say you’re recording and you make it about half way through the script and you mess up. Instead of going back and starting at the beginning of the script, go back to where you made the mistake. There's no need to start all the way from the beginning, as that would not be an efficient use of your time. 

If you mess up, remember to pause, look at the camera and then start again. The pauses help when it comes to editing. Not only does this help in the post-production process, this also saves you a lot of time and stress! You don’t have to worry about spending too much time on one video because you're having trouble pronouncing that one word and have to start from the beginning again.  

That’s the magic of editing, you can edit those two takes together, throw some B-roll on top of it to hide the jump cut and boom you have your final video.

Another reason we recommend shooting multiple takes is...

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