Put Your Best 8 Seconds First

video production Feb 09, 2021

Thanks to disappearing messages and smartphone-induced ADHD, the average attention span is just eight seconds these days. That means most viewers will click away from your video in as long as it takes to have a sip of coffee if their attention waivers.

The first eight seconds of a video is a reasonable amount of time to capture the viewer's attention and let them know what they can expect from the rest of the video.

Watch the first eight seconds of these videos and tell me it was clear in it’s message.

Click HERE to watch the videos

Don't underestimate your viewers and think that you need to pre-explain the video in a rambling introduction. Many writers refer to the term “mid-res,” an abbreviation for “in medias res,” which means “into the middle of things.” Starting a story in the middle of things kicks the viewer into a whirlwind of excitement that will keep them engaged long enough to hear the why in the video.

The “why” of...

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Create Your Video's Branding Elements

Traditional in-your-face TV infomercials and blatant calls-to-action have almost been replaced by a smarter, subtler brand of business video.

But that’s not to say that there isn’t room for friendly reminders of who you are. Greetings and sign-offs are an important part of video production because subtly promoting your business can push your audience to complete the goal you’re working toward.

On the other hand, you should be wary about being too subtle with your ask.  “First Kiss” is actually an advertisement for Wren Studio, a clothing company, but you'd be hard-pressed to know that after watching it.

Click HERE to watch the video. 

This interesting and emotionally captivating video went viral (41 million YouTube views in three days, and 143 million to date), but without a  call to action or a next-step direction, it lost its momentum — and potential sales.

So how do you strike the balance between subtlety and over-promotional?


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Write Your Script

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

Writing out a script or outline for your video is a key component of your pre-video production planning and unfortunately one that is often not done.

So many times I see videos posted online with really no thought into message or outcome.

Yes, I know, you are a loan originator and not a script writer. I know that you did not just walk off of the screen writers set for Jerry Seinfield. And, yes, contrary to popular belief, not just anyone can write a script. Often, someone on the team will dash off a script and think it's ready to execute without several rounds of critiquing and revising. It's important to get input from other members on your marketing team who speak to customers individually.

Don't worry if the script for your video goes through several drafts by the time you're ready to shoot. Even Martin Scorsese revises his screenplays many times. Having a solid foundation to work from will form a large part of your production and post-production schedules.

We advise our clients...

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Set a Realistic Budget

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

Once you’ve defined your audience and your message, you need to set your budget. Failing to work out the financial costs during pre-production is a good way to inadvertently go over budget. Plus, vagueness means that it’s impossible to manage expectations.

There are some elements of video creation which are going to be more costly than others. If you don't have a plan and don't know what you want for the outcome, you may end up hiring a video production team that either under delivers or ends up costing you more. 

Finding the Right Video Production Team

If you are going to shoot your own video with your own equipment, look for a video production team that offers a monthly video production service. If you want explainer videos created, work with a team who can help you storyboard.

If you're thinking of cutting costs by whipping up a quick video on your smartphone with your employees as cast and crew, keep in mind that when it comes to brand perception, a poor-quality...

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Make Your Message Crystal Clear

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020

In our last article we talked about the three E’s of content marketing.  Creating great content that aligns with the three E’s begins by knowing your audience.  Although the importance of knowing your audience and narrowing down a target market is critical, clearly defining your message is just as important. In other words, don’t try to cram everything into a single animated explainer video.

Create Tailored Videos

We offer a ton of programs in the mortgage industry.  It’s not just one widget.  So, you’ll need different videos for each of these. For example, you might need:

  • An explainer video to give basic consumer application process
  • A more complex video overview of VA Home Loan Benefit qualifications
  • A powerful TED Talk-type of message from your CEO

Don’t try to explain what your company does, what programs you offer and the great service you provide all in the same video.

Take the time to create a tailored video with a...

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The Three E's of Content Marketing

I was speaking at marketing conference last year.  A session I was excited about attending was on what to post on social media.  One of the panelists in the session said that it really didn’t matter what you post on social media as long as you are posting.  He then promptly brought out his phone and began recording a live video saying that he was speaking at a conference on social media.  Really?  I thought.  Sure it’s good to brand yourself as an expert in what you do but it would be better to do a video stating that he was speaking at a conference talking about the top three messages that are easy to create on social media that drives attention.  That message would leave his audience wondering what they were.  They may even post something in the chat asking him to share.  He could later go on and share his three tips on social and link back to speaking at the conference.  Just shooting a video stating you are someone is...

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Why Isn't Everyone Producing Videos All the Time?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

We know that right now, the reason no one is producing videos all the time is because everyone is slammed. But this is not going to last forever and creating videos and having a plan for creating videos is important for 2021. The real reason everyone is not producing video all the time is that they have a plan for creating videos. Many originators set out to add video to their marketing strategy without having a clear idea of how much it's going to cost them or a clear idea of the process.

The truth is that the most important part of the creating videos happens before you hit record.

Planning and figuring out what you are going to talk about is really where most of the magic happens. This is long before you hit the “record” button.You can’t create knockout videos without first making a plan of what you are going to talk about. You can hire a professional video production team who comes in and shoots video and you can hire editors who will edit and produce your...

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Master the Disciplines

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020

Throughout the month of November, I have been sharing the steps that you need to take to set yourself up for success and reach your goals! Once you've have a set of goals in mind, drafted a plan, can manage your time efficiently and identified your areas of improvements, now it's time to set your routine and master the disciplines. 

What are the disciplines you can get into the practice of doing, that will allow you to succeed in reaching your goals regardless of the rates or market conditions? Set disciplines that will become a part of your routine and daily habits and stick with it. Write them down. 

These can be things such as:

  • Set 3 appointments with realtors/partners weekly
  • Hold monthly partner planning meetings with top partners
  • Block out 2 hours per week to create videos to share via BombBomb, YouTube or Social Media
  • Make 6 daily loyal client calls
  • Conduct daily pipeline meetings
  • Create a morning routine for practicing script writing, gaining product knowledge,...
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Steps to Success: Identify Areas for Improvement

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020

Over the past couple weeks, we have been sharing the steps to success that are needed in order to obtain your objectives - from identifying your goals to making a plan to managing your time more efficiently.

Once you've identified your goals, drafted a plan and brainstormed time management tips, now it's time to identify your areas for improvement.

You may feel like there's one area in your life that you have everything down exactly how it should be, but let's face it, we can always benefit by improving all areas of our lives. And it starts with identifying the areas that are we lacking in. 

Identify Practices that Enhance Your Business

What are 2 to 3 business practices that will enhance or change your business? Take some time to think of things that you have tried in your business that have worked. Think of things that have produced even the tiniest result. Something little can go a long way. Write them down and come up with a system on how to implement them into...

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Steps to Success: Create a Plan & Manage Your Time

Last week I shared with you the first of five steps to successful planning, which was all about SMART goals, how to use them to your advantage and achieve your dreams!

When you combine the elements of SMART goals, you have a greater chance of success and now that you know how to create and use SMART goals, the next step is creating a plan and learning how to manage your time.

Creating a plan and managing your time go hand-in-hand. They are two critical steps in your steps to success. Having a plan allows you to have an idea of how you're going to fulfill your goals, and managing your time keeps you on track with the timeline in which you want to reach those set goals.

Create a Plan

It is critical to have a plan and know the numbers that you need to work to reach your goals. This means you need to go through the process of quantifying your plan. You need to know the number of leads you need, the number of loans, orders or sales you need in order to reach your annual income goal.


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