Five Steps to Getting Started with Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook is similar to hosting a party, except it is virtual.

You wouldn’t throw a party without cleaning up, organizing tables and chairs, or buying snacks and drinks. Setting up a Facebook Livestream is like being a good party host—it’s all about the details.

But, before you get to the details, you have to choose the party’s theme. Or, in this case, the topic you plan to livestream about.

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Common Facebook Live topics include:

  • Q&A sessions
  • Interview series
  • Industry news
  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Topics requested by your audience
  • Whatever you want to talk about

Once you’ve decided on a topic, you can begin to plan out all the details like the livestream date and time and what equipment you’ll need.

Follow these instructions to go live immediately or schedule a livestream for a...

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How Are You Using Video?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

Consumers are looking for information online.  Many are looking for information about how your process works.  Having video on your website or on YouTube helps you get discovered.

You can make your own videos that gives information about you and your process, or you can use explainer videos that are cartoons that go through the process.

You can also create videos that explain the process using stock video footage. These types of videos, like the example shown here make it simple for you to create videos for your team that they can personalize with their own intro and outro video. These types of videos are great for people who are busy or afraid to get in front of the so many of us.

However you choose to use video, the most important thing to do is to get started.  Even if it's just a few videos to start with, you can leverage the power of video.


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